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The outdoor cabinet adopts liquid cooling technology. A single liquid-cooled outdoor cabinet is a storage sub-unit. Multiple liquid-cooled outdoor cabinets can be connected in parallel to form a storage unit. Each storage unit consists of a combiner distribution cabinet, liquid cooling cabinet, air conditioning system, and fire protection system. Each storage unit can connect in parallel with up to 10 liquid-cooled cabinets, and the specific number can be adjusted according to project requirements.
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The 100kW/233kWh commercial and industrial liquid-cooled energy storage system adopts an "All in One" design concept, integrating long-life cells, battery management system (BMS), high-performance bi-directional inverter (PCS), energy management unit (EMU), liquid cooling system, fire protection system, and distribution system into a single cabinet, forming a standardized, modularized, intelligent, and flexible energy storage system. The product is mainly used in micro-grid scenarios such as industrial parks, enterprises and institutions, power substations, photovoltaic storage, and photovoltaic charging, and can be used for peak shaving and valley filling, frequency regulation, dynamic capacity expansion, or backup.
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